Wags Social Golf Wednesday 21 April Bookings as per IG

Book: players to book a time slot on the Club website on Friday 17 April at 8.00pm.
The draw is to determine pairings only and players should make their own arrangements regarding times.

10:02  Graham Robertson, Steve Smithson, Rob Holland

10:34  Tom Ramage, Mike Holden, Ivor Joseph, Yuki Miyakawa

10:42  Dave Brampton, Mike O’Mahony, Adrian Newland, Lloyd Groves

10:50  John Seymour, Roy Davis, Adrian Paterson, Roger Brown

10:58  Alan Garner, Peter Creer, Peter Tanner, Garry Glover

11:06  Richard Midgley, Chris Boultbee, Alex Guberman, Chris Davis